Test Meters

Test Meters

not_img Choose from a wide range of benchtop or portable multi-parameter meters that include pH, DO, Conductivity and temperature
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Ohaus 3100M Multiparameter Meter
The Starter 3100M benchtop pH and Conductivity meter from Ohaus features automatic temperature compensation, automatic buffer recognition, 6 pH buffer more…


PY-P30 GoldLINE Speartip Electrode

Ohaus 2100 pH Benchtop Meter
The Starter 2100 benchtop meter is ideal for basic laboratory pH analysis. The start 2100 pH meter features auto buffer recognition, electrode condition more…


PY-P29 GoldLINE Micro Electrode

Ohaus 3100 pH Benchtop Meter
The Starter 3100 benchtop pH meter from Ohaus features 3 point calibration, 3 buffer groups, automatic/manual endpoint functions, automatic temperature more…


PY-P28 GoldLINE Pharma Grade Electrode

TDS Pen Meter


PY-P27 Spear Electrode

pH Pen Meter


PY-P26 Econo Electrode

Premium Portable pH Meter


PY-P25 Econo Electrode

ORP Pen Meter


PY-P24 Sleeve Electrode

Salinity Pen Meter


PY-P23 Flat-Surface Electrode

Conductivity Pen Meter


PY-P22 Micro Electrode

Portable Conductivity Meter
The Starter 300 Conductivity portable meter from Ohaus features a built-in temperature sensor, 4-pole linear electrode that safe guards itself from polarization more…


PY-P21 High Performance Electrode

Portable pH Meter
The Starter 300 pH portable meter from Ohaus features automatic/manual temperature compensation, a 30-item measurement library to store data for future more…


PY-P20 High Performance Electrode

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter


PY-P12 Low Maintenance Electrode

Ohaus 3100C Conductivity Meter
A premium benchtop conductivity meter from Ohaus.


PY-P11 High Performance Electrode